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Choose your favorite plant. We'll add it to the Tiny Forest.

Coast Live Oak

SALE! Coast Live Oak

Fast-growing oak

$18 $10

Narrow Leaf Milkweed

Narrow Leaf Milkweed

MOST important plant for Monarch Butterflies


Desert Thorn

Desert Thorn

Birds LOVE eating the red berries!


We believe picking up a shovel is better than doomscrolling.

100% volunteer-led, we're a local 501(c)(3) on a mission to cultivate biodiversity in a forgotten region.

Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

"...Let's do something crazy. Let's crowdsource a forest."

Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Because it's not enough to plant a tree and hope it survives.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Imagining the Tiny Forest in a few years, decades—or even centuries.

Since 2021, we've raised more than $7,000 to plant Tiny Forests and Pollinator Gardens throughout the Mojave Desert.

Every dollar goes back into the soil.

Our organization is a certified 501(c)(3). That means your direct donation is tax-deductible.

Help grow the Tiny Forest by giving monthly, yearly, or one time.

100+ dreamers believe a positive climate story is possible.

Our restoration work is built on a loose network of diverse supporters from all around the world.

Join our online community and help spread the word about the Tiny Forest in the Desert.